Crypto exchange Blockchain announces move to Miami, with plans to create 300 jobs

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A major cryptocurrency exchange is joining the move-to-Miami moment., whose digital platform lets users buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin and other forms of digital payment, said it would be moving its U.S. headquarters from New York to the Magic City. In doing so, it said it hoped to create as many as 300 jobs over the next 18 months, paying an average salary of $110,000.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez announced the move from City Hall Thursday morning alongside CEO Peter Smith. is among the 15 largest crypto currency exchanges by number of weekly visitors, according to, which tracks exchange performance.

"There have been some that have doubted the impact that crypto can have in transforming our economy into a tech-forward economy," Suarez said. "To them I would say this: How many companies like are coming into this market hiring hundreds of people at this salary range? ... That's happening because of this crypto movement."

The announcement comes as Bitcoin2021, billed as the largest-ever crypto conference, is set to kick off in Miami. This week has already seen other Miami-related announcements from the crypto world, including the creation of a $25 million startup investment fund and the launch of new, city-specific crypto-coins.

Beyond crypto, the city continues to see a stream of companies, in the technology space and beyond, announce a Miami presence or investment. A desire to escape , less restrictive pandemic regulations, and aggressive courting by Suarez have combined to raise Miami's profile as a tech center in a manner that had previously seemed just out of reach.

A of Miami spokesperson said Blockchain is not receiving any financial incentives.

In a statement, Smith said, "Thanks to a with the local government, we are honored to join the Miami business community. The internet will be the biggest economy in the world by 2030, and crypto is the financial system built to support it. The City of Miami recognizes the industry's potential, and we look forward to contributing to Miami's rich innovation ecosystem."

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