Fitness company Peloton is making its own video game, called Lanebreak

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Add Peloton to the list of companies experimenting with a move into video games.

The fitness giant revealed its first endeavor called Lanebreak. It's a rhythm-based for its Bike and Bike+ models.

In a statement published to Peloton's website, David Packles, the company's senior director of product management, said the game requires players to match or sustain their cadence or resistance during a workout to get the highest possible score.

Riders can control their cadence with their leg speed, said Packles, and switch lanes by turning the resistance knob on their bikes. Players will also face multiple obstacles all synchronized to the beat of the music.

Packles said he's excited at the prospect of games helping the fitness space appeal to a broader audience.

"Even in early testing, we've found that folks who previously would have not used Peloton are interested in this direction and it would make them more likely to work out," said Packles.

Peloton is the latest company to take a dip into the space. Amazon is poised to launch a new open-world online game called "New World" later this year. Meanwhile, Google continues work on its Stadia cloud gaming platform.

Recently, Netflix hired game veteran Mike Verdu, fueling speculation the streaming giant might also make a play for video game lovers.

The video game audience continues to grow as more Americans picked up controllers over the last year during the pandemic. According to the Entertainment Software Association, two-thirds of Americans—227 million—play video games.

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