Rare copy of 'Super Mario 64' video game sells at auction for $1.56 million

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How's this for a high score: a rare copy of the Nintendo 64 video game "Super Mario 64" sold at auction for $1.56 million.

According to Heritage Auctions, which hosted the , the sold copy of the video game from 1996 was the highest graded ever by Wata, an organization which grades collectible video games. Collectibles that are officially graded are typically more valuable when appraised or sold.

"Super Mario 64" marked the first time Nintendo's signature character appeared in a 3D . Most of Mario's previous appearances were two-dimensional, side-scrolling games such as the original Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

"It seems impossible to overstate the importance of this title, not only to the history of Mario and Nintendo, but to games as a whole," Heritage Auctions Video Games Specialist Valarie McLeckie said in a statement.

It's not just Mario scaring up big bucks at auctions. Last Friday, Heritage announced a rare 1987 copy of the NES "The Legend of Zelda" sold for $870,000.

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