New Google tool makes it easier for minors to remove images of themselves from search results

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Google has rolled out a new tool making it easier for kids and teens to yank images off of search results.

According to a recent blog post published by Google, the move was made to help minors have greater control over their digital footprint.

"While we already provide a range of options for people seeking to remove content from Search, we know that kids and have to navigate some unique challenges online, especially when a picture of them is unexpectedly available on the internet," said Danny Sullivan, Google's public liaison for search, in a statement.

Google's policy says users must submit image URLs featuring an "identifiable individual" under the age of 18. Google advises also adding search query terms that pull up the images. The removal request must be made by the person in the images or a minor's parent or legal guardian.

The also facilitates the removal of images of minors who died before age 18.

The process begins by submitting a form with the image URLs, search results and query information.

Google says once a request is made, you will get an email confirming they've received it. After reviewing the request, Google may reach out for more information, then notify you of its decision.

Because Google's tool only addresses , the company says users should also contact the webmaster of any sites containing the images to purge them from their site, too.

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