Spotify has added lyrics to all of its songs for all users

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Getting tired of having to look up the lyrics of the 10-minute long "All Too Well (Taylor's Version)" and your other favorite songs on Spotify? Well, the music streaming platform announced that you no longer need to turn to Google outside of the app, as Spotify launched lyrics to all of its songs for all of its worldwide users.

Most Spotify users have impatiently waited for the app to include the to all its available songs, and it had been available in few countries but not in the United States. Some lyrics on certain songs were featured in collaboration with Genius in a feature known as "Behind the Lyrics," which also gave information about the song and/or artist alongside some lyrics.

Now, anyone using the app has access to the feature, which Spotify teased in a tweet on Wednesday.

In its official announcement on Thursday, Spotify said it is adding "one of the most requested features from listeners across the globe," in partnership with Musixmatch. Lyrics are now available for all users, free or premium, and can be accessed through iOS, Android devices, the desktop app, gaming consoles and its television application.

How do I see lyrics on Spotify?

For anyone with the , play any song and click on the "Now Playing" tab. When the song appears on screen, swipe up and the real-time lyrics will pop up. If you skip ahead or go back to your favorite part of a song, the lyrics will also follow suit.

On laptops or computers, click on the microphone icon located on the "Now Playing" bar, and then lyrics will appear and scroll as the continues.

For the SpotifyTV app, users should click on the "Now Playing" tab and in the right corner will be a "Lyrics Button" where users can enable lyrics. If enabled, lyrics can be found in the "Now Playing" view.

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