Texas Instruments to build a $30 billion semiconductor chip manufacturing campus

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Dallas-based Texas Instruments has announced plans to build as many as four new semiconductor chip manufacturing plants in Sherman, potentially investing $30 billion in the sites.

Construction on the first two fabrication plants is slated to begin some time in 2022 and production of TI's 300-millimeter wafers is expected to start by 2025, according to the company. TI will have the option to build out two additional plants at the site in the future. In total, the plants could employ as many as 3,000 workers when complete.

The new sites are expected to help the company gain greater control over the which has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Sherman provides some unique advantages such as a competitive business environment, access to a highly trained technical workforce and an existing supplier base," TI senior VP of tech and Kyle Flessner said in a statement. "The proximity to our other manufacturing operations in Dallas and Richardson will help us further scale our efforts and build on operational efficiencies as we expand our 300-mm manufacturing presence in North Texas."

In a statement, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott celebrated TI's decision to locate the plant in North Texas.

"In addition to bringing billions of dollars in and thousands of new jobs to North Texas, this historic investment will keep Texas a national leader in semiconductor manufacturing while also strengthening the domestic semiconductor supply chain," Abbott said.

Texas Instruments has operated a plant in Sherman for decades, but that plant and another in Dallas are in the process of being closed down as the company moves toward producing a more high tech version of the wafer made at those sites.

Sherman Mayor David Plyler credited Texas' global reputation for "pro-growth" business policies as a factor in landing the new manufacturing .

"We thank God that Texas Instruments has made the decision to locate in our growing, historic, and business-friendly community," Plyler said.

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