'Continued trouble': Amazon Web Services hit by another outage

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A loss of power at a single data center caused an outage at Amazon Web Services, the third one this month.

According to a status page for AWS, the was reported at around 8 a.m. ET Wednesday, but has since been brought back.

"We have now restored power to all instances and network devices within the affected data center," read the latest status update at 8:39 a.m. ET.

Sites including Epic Games Store, Slack, the game Rocket League and Honeywell were experiencing issues with services, said Down Detector, a website that tracks online outages.

"We're focused on getting things back to normal as quickly as we can," reads a status update from Slack. "We apologize for the continued trouble."

Virtual private network service NordVPN said it was also having issues tied to the AWS . "AWS is currently experiencing issues, the access to our website may be affected for time being as well," reads a tweet from the Wednesday.

Earlier this month, AWS suffered a major outage, knocking out access to sites including Venmo, DoorDash and Spotify. One week later, AWS was hit by a second outage impacting sites like Facebook and Hulu, according to published reports.

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