BMW unveils color-changing iX Flow SUV at CES with E Ink technology

BMW unveils color-changing iX Flow SUV at CES with E Ink technology
Credit: BMW

Tired of the color on your car? A new innovation from BMW will let you change it at the touch of a button.

At CES, the luxury automaker introduced the iX Flow featuring E Ink, a concept that would allow owners to change the exterior of their car by pressing a button.

BMW said the SUV featuring the iX Flow tech at CES includes a specially developed body wrap stimulated by to change the color of the vehicle's exterior.

"In the future, digital experiences will not only take place on displays. The real and the virtual will increasingly merge," said Frank Weber, a member of BMW AG's board of management, in a statement. "With the BMW iX Flow, we are bringing the car body to life."

Clips of the BMW changing color shown at CES were captured and posted on .

Stella Clarke, project lead for BMW iX Flow featuring E Ink, said during a video demonstration of the technology it will allow drivers the opportunity to better personalize their vehicle to their liking.

"You choose the clothes you wear. You choose your social media status. And you can choose the color of your car," she said.

The iX Flow can do more than jazz up the look of your car. Clarke said the outside of a car could flash different colors if, for example, you're trying to find it in a crowded parking lot.

BMW is among several automakers showcasing tech at CES. Chevrolet introduced an electric version of its popular Silverado pickup truck.

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