Twitter to welcome workers back in the office

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Twitter's new chief Parag Agrawal on Thursday said it will reopen offices globally this month but let people work remotely if they wish, as many businesses end closures put in place to fight the spread of COVID-19.

Google is also preparing for employees to return to its Silicon Valley offices in early April, with the expectation they will work from home only a couple of days a week.

Tech company campuses were abandoned early in the pandemic as the spread of COVID-19 caused a societal shift to working remotely.

"Business travel is back effective immediately, and all global Twitter offices will open starting on March 15," Agrawal said in a series of tweets.

"Wherever you feel most productive and creative is where you will work and that includes WFH (work from home) forever."

He stressed that those opting to continue working remotely would need to "learn and adapt" given that "distributed working will be much harder."

Agrawal advocated for returning to the , maintaining that it fueled a vibrant company culture.

Google this month plans to help employees adapt to "hybrid" schedules combining working remotely and in offices, according to US media reports.

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