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Bay Area tech and biotech layoffs worsen, Microsoft slashes more jobs

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Tech and biotech layoffs have worsened in the Bay Area, a fresh round of cutbacks resulting from job cuts at tech titan Microsoft and genetic testing firm Natera, according to official state government filings.

Security Industry Specialists, in a huge round of layoffs linked to the , revealed plans to chop more than 400 jobs at several sites where the company provides services to clients. The layoff sites include the Apple Park complex in Cupertino where iPhone maker Apple has established its world headquarters.

The latest round of tech and biotech layoffs alone will eliminate 115 tech and biotech jobs in the Bay Area, the filings with the state Employment Development Department show.

Microsoft revealed plans to jettison 56 positions in Mountain View and San Jose.

Natera told the EDD it has decided to cut 59 jobs in San Carlos.

With the most recently reported layoffs, it's become clear that multiple rounds of have become a more common phenomenon.

Both Microsoft and Natera have already filed WARN notices with the state EDD announcing prior layoff events in the Bay Area.

Starting in July 2022, tech and biotech companies have revealed plans to cut at least 23,500 jobs in the Bay Area. Some of the cutbacks have occurred while others have yet to take place.

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