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Hundreds more tech, biotech layoffs hit Bay Area, Google real estate ally cuts jobs

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About 600 more tech and biotech layoffs rocked the Bay Area job market in a fresh round of cutbacks that suggest the staffing reductions in the region have yet to run their course, new state government filings show.

Four , two and a real estate ally of Google that's been jolted by the search giant's development slowdown are among the most recent firms to reveal layoff plans to the Employment Development Department.

Here are the details for the latest staffing reduction plans reported to the EDD through an array of WARN notices:

  • Atlassian decided to cut 268 jobs in San Francisco, effective May 5. The rebalanced its workforce to focus on new opportunities.
  • KLA is eliminating 72 jobs in Milpitas on or around May 8. The is among the companies caught up in a downturn in the chip sector.
  • Lendlease is cutting 67 positions in Sunnyvale as of April 28. The company is a development firm that is Google's development partner in a number of major projects, including a transit-oriented village in downtown San Jose. Lendlease said a "reduction in work" was the main factor driving the layoffs.
  • AeroVironment, 62 layoffs in Petaluma, effective on May 6. The company makes unmanned aircraft vehicles and systems for the military and other customers. Just a few days ago, AeroVironment disclosed a first round of layoffs affecting 17 jobs in the same city.
  • Graphite Bio is cutting 59 jobs, effective by June 1, in Brisbane and South San Francisco. The company said the layoffs occurred after it had abandoned the development of therapies for and had decided to shift to strategic alternatives.
  • Coherus BioSciences decided to eliminate 51 jobs in Redwood City, cutbacks that occurred on March 7. "A significant downturn in business" was the reason for the 's layoffs, the WARN letter stated.
  • Flex Ltd., an electronics equipment maker, is cutting 10 jobs in Milpitas, effective on March 3.

The companies that disclosed the most recent group of layoffs are eliminating a combined total of 589 jobs in the Bay Area, including the staffing reductions revealed by Lendlease.

Since mid-2022, tech and biotech companies have revealed plans to eliminate more than 22,800 jobs in the Bay Area. Some layoffs have occurred, and other cutbacks are upcoming.

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