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Facebook owner chops more than 1,500 Bay Area jobs as tech layoffs soar

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Facebook app owner Meta Platforms has disclosed plans to chop more than 1,500 jobs in the Bay Area, layoffs that suggest the region's waves of tech cutbacks have yet to relent.

The most recent Meta Platform layoffs are slated to affect the tech company's workers in the California cities of Menlo Park, Sunnyvale, Burlingame, San Francisco and Fremont, according to WARN notices filed on April 24 with the state Employment Development Department.

Meta Platforms has now revealed plans to eliminate slightly over 4,000 jobs in the Bay Area, based on filings during 2022 and so far in 2023.

These are the details for the most recently revealed Meta Platforms job cuts, showing the numbers and their respective locations:

  • Menlo Park, 866 layoffs at and near the company's headquarters in that city
  • Sunnyvale, 199 job cuts
  • Fremont, 143 staff reductions
  • Burlingame, 152 layoffs
  • San Francisco, 146 job cuts

In late 2022, Meta Platforms revealed plans to chop 2,564 jobs in the same five cities as the latest round of layoffs.

The tech behemoth has decided to jettison 4,070 total jobs in the Bay Area, including the December layoff disclosure and the ones that the company revealed a few days ago, this news organization's review of the EDD WARN notices shows.

The most recently disclosed layoffs are slated to occur around June 23. Some of the Menlo Park will occur around July 21, according to the filings with the state labor agency.

Starting in mid-2022, have revealed plans to chop at least 21,900 jobs in the Bay Area, this news organization's review of the EDD reports shows.

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