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Meta supreme court weighs posts calling ethnic groups criminals

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An independent board considered a top court for Meta content moderation said Tuesday it is taking on the issue of whether accusing entire nationalities of crimes violates hate speech rules.

The Meta Oversight Board said it is tackling the question through three separate cases from Facebook, Instagram and Threads.

"The Board selected these cases to consider how Meta should moderate allegations of criminality based on nationality, especially during times of crisis or conflict," it said in an email to AFP.

One involves a comment on Threads in which Israelis were accused of taking part in genocide regarding the conflict between Israel and Hamas, according to the board.

The other two posts involve Americans, Eastern Indians and Russians being accused of , the board said in a release.

In each case, Meta removed the post for violating its ban on .

Meta referred the cases for review because they represent the challenge of balancing attacks on ideas or institutions, which is allowed, with a ban on accusations aimed at people, according to the board.

While Meta has agreed to be bound by specific content decisions by the independent oversight board, the tech titan considers advisory.

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