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Energy & Green Tech

World's first hydrogen-powered commercial ferry to run on San Francisco Bay, and it's free to ride

The world's first hydrogen-powered commercial passenger ferry will start operating on San Francisco Bay as part of plans to phase out diesel-powered vessels and reduce planet-warming carbon emissions, California officials ...

Energy & Green Tech

A new approach to boost the efficiency of non-fused ring electron acceptor solar cells

The power-conversion efficiencies (PCEs) of organic solar cells based on compounds known as polymer donors and fused ring electron acceptors (FREAs) have recently exceeded 19%. In contrast, organic solar cells based on non-fused ...

Computer Sciences

Visual abilities of language models found to be lacking depth

A trio of computer scientists at Auburn University, in the U.S., working with a colleague from the University of Alberta, in Canada, has found that claims of visual skills by large language models (LLMs) with vision capabilities ...


DeepMind demonstrates a robot capable of giving context-based guided tours of an office building

A team of roboticists and AI specialists at Google's DeepMind have demonstrated a robot capable of giving context-based guided tours around its offices. They have posted a paper describing their work, along with demonstration ...

Energy & Green Tech

Using sodium to make more sustainable batteries

The element lithium is used widely in batteries because it results in long-lasting, stable energy storage. However, it's a finite resource, so researchers are hard at work trying to identify alternate materials to use in ...

Energy & Green Tech

Hydrogen flight looks ready for take-off with new advances

The possibility of hydrogen-powered flight means greater opportunities for fossil-free travel, and the technological advances to make this happen are moving fast. New studies from Chalmers University of Technology, in Sweden, ...


New carbon storage technology is fastest of its kind

A new way to store carbon captured from the atmosphere, developed by researchers at The University of Texas at Austin, works much faster than current methods without the harmful chemical accelerants they require.

Energy & Green Tech

Study ranks feasibility of converting 245 US coal plants to nuclear

An assessment ranks the feasibility of converting 245 operational coal power plants in the U.S. into advanced nuclear reactors, providing valuable insights for policymakers and utilities to meet decarbonization goals, according ...