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In-sensor computing to speed up machine vision

By applying in-sensor computing of analog data, a team of researchers at Vienna University of Technology's Institute of Photonics has developed a way to speed up machine vision. In their paper published in the journal Nature, ...

Consumer & Gadgets

AirBar offers easy setup for PC pinching, swiping

Neonode has announced its AirBar sensor, which may prompt people to ask, who needs a touchscreen? AirBar will be inviting users to pinch (with your chopsticks if you are cooking), swipe (wearing gloves is not a problem), ...


A universe of sensors on an all-in-one wireless platform

Smart fabrication, smart logistics, or smart farming: Distributed networks of sensors are working hard for us every single day. In the past, every application needed a custom solution to run the sensors and process the data. ...

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