Improved AI confidence measure for autonomous vehicles

A new Bar-Ilan University study addresses a fundamental question in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI): Can deep learning architectures achieve greatly above-average confidence for a significant portion of inputs while ...

Consumer & Gadgets

How AI is shaping the music listening habits of Gen Z

For four years, we've been teaching a class on music and the mind. We've asked the students at the start of each semester to complete a short, informal survey on their music education and favorite songs and artists.

Machine learning & AI

Can AI write laws? Lawyer puts ChatGPT to the test

A Charles Darwin University (CDU) academic has answered one of the modern-day legal world's most burning questions: Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) write laws?


Developing algorithms for self-healing microgrids of the future

Self-healing electrical grids: It may sound like a concept from science fiction, with tiny robots or some sentient tech crawling around fixing power lines, but in a reality not far from fiction a team of researchers is bringing ...

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