Dodgeball gets futuristic twist in new video game 'Knockout City' available in May

Dodgeball gets futuristic twist in new video game 'Knockout City' available in May
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The next video game from publisher Electronic Arts started with a simple activity: playing catch.

What developed is something far more intense: the dodgeball-inspired action game "Knockout City," which will launch May 21 for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. It will be available under a free trial at launch, then cost $19.99.

The game, described by its developers as "dodgebrawl," has players compete against each other in a bustling metropolis, working as teams to knock out their opponents with powered-up balls.

Even players' characters themselves can become the , allowing their teammates to whack an opponent.

Karthik Bala, co-founder of Velan Studios, said players can not only morph into a ball to become a weapon but can be tossed by teammates to reach higher ground or another key vantage point during a match.

"There's an innumerable amount of ways to work together as a team," Bala said.

The game will feature a variety of balls players can toss, including a Bomb Ball and a Moon Ball capable of altering gravity. The game's multiplayer maps cover different parts of the city, as players move around walls and above rooftops to get the perfect shot.

Users can play in free-for-all, 3-on-3 or 4-on-4 matches, as well as participate in more competitive league play. Bala said Velan will create playlists and update them once the game is live.

"Knockout City" will operate under nine-week seasons, during which players can earn special gear such as outfits, hairstyles, gliders or different balls to take into action.

Bala said the is meant to be intense but provide joy among .

"We've got this core set of mechanics that we feel work really well together," Bala said. "And it's something that we can build from with different rule sets that really change up the way you play."

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