First look: 'Splatoon 3' and 'Star Wars: Hunters' among new video games headed to Nintendo Switch

First look: 'Splatoon 3' and 'Star Wars: Hunters' among new video games headed to Nintendo Switch
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There's a new wave of multiplayer paint splattering in the works for the Nintendo Switch.

"Splatoon 3," the newest edition of the colorful family-friendly combat game, is in development for a 2022 release, the game maker announced during its 50-minute Nintendo Direct reveal on YouTube Wednesday.

While Switch players must wait for that one, there's plenty of other games in the Switch pipeline.

New items are coming to "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the release of "Super Mario Bros." You can get Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach costumes. You can also order the Super Mushroom and Question Block as furniture and install a pair of Warp Pipes to travel between locations on your island. The game will get an update on February 25 and items will become available March 1.

Fans of the game "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" will be able to expand their roster with the fighting females Pyra and Mythra from "Xenoblade Chronicles 2" in March.

Online battle royale game "Apex Legends" comes to the Switch on March 9. All players will get a new Legendary Pathfinder skin and 30 free levels for the Season 8: Mayhem Battle Pass. And you earn Double XP for the first two weeks.

"Monster Hunter Rise" hits on March 26 and Nintendo will release a gray and gold-emblazoned special edition Switch console on that same date.

Two Nintendo mystery games, originally released in Japan more than three decades ago, are being localized in English for the Switch: "Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir" and "Famicom Detective Club: The Girl Who Stands Behind," coming to the Nintendo eShop on May 14.

"Mario Golf: Super Rush," coming June 25, also lets you swing the Joy-Con controller to play golf. And the game has a speed golf options and a Mii Story mode that lets you bring your virtual self into the game.

Coming in July: A high-definition remake of the 2011 Wii game, "The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword." The game can be played using button-only controls or with two Joy-Con controllers, with the right controller acting as a sword and the left as a shield. A specially designed pair of controllers will be released to go with the game.

The game's story serves as the earliest action in the Zelda timeline, said Eiji Aonuma, producer of The Legend of Zelda series. "We hope that people who played the original game on Wii and those playing it for the first time will enjoy discovering the origins of the Legend of Zelda." you can reorder the game now on eShop.

Also this summer: the Switch gets its own version of the goofy, fun battle royale game "Fall Guys," in which a slew of egg-shaped characters attempt to be the first to traverse a course out of "American Ninja Warrior."

A new Star Wars game, "Star Wars: Hunters" is in the works for later this year. Very little was revealed, but it is a free-to-play online multiplayer set between the events of "Return of the Jedi" and "The Force Awakens." You will get to battle with bounty hunters, stormtroopers and Rebellion heroes.

Hey, isn't that the same time frame as "The Mandalorian?"

To see the entire Nintendo Direct, you can watch it on YouTube.

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