'Among Us' is adding a new Airship map on March 31—and it's free

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Fans of "Among Us" will soon find a new location to root out impostors.

A new, free map called Airship will drop into the hit game on March 31, game developers Innersloth announced.

The Airship is expected to be the game's biggest map, and include new tasks for players to complete and the ability to pick the room you start in before each game.

A YouTube video from December showcases some of the game's new tasks, including trying to free a stuck trash bag from a trash can and polishing a gem in the vault.

The hit multiplayer game pulls players together as part of a crew of a spaceship trying to get home. The crew's goal is to complete tasks to keep the ship running during its journey. However, one of the crewmembers is an alien impostor, who sabotages tasks and kills the crew.

Players can collaborate by calling emergency meetings and potentially voting off the ship they think are the impostor. If the eliminates the entire crew, they win the .

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